Winner of Best Play and Best Actor Awards at Liverpool’s Write Now Festival in April 2011. 

“A dark and interesting psychological comedy” – Liverpool Echo. 

IT WORKS FOR US is a dark, adult comedy about relationships, power, sex and love. It shows how what is perceived as normal (or even true) can change depending on who is in the room.

It throws together two very different couples. Dawn and Mike are a conventional, and apparently stable, middle-aged married couple with children. Ross and Sacha are none of these things.


Writer: Dick Curran

Director: Brad Rowbotham


Nick Wymer – Mike

Angie Waller – Dawn

Charles Hurcombe – Ross

Amy Stokes – Sacha

Producer: Rosalie Mieville

Light, Sound, Music: David Kenny

Stage Manager: Lois Founds

Tour dates here.

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