First Produced for Manchester’s 24:7 Festival, and Winner of the Manchester Evening News Award for Best Fringe Production 2010. Toured Spring 2011.

ISLANDERS is a play about three days in the lives of three very different people in a very special place.

The Farne Islands, a wild and remote place off the Northumberland coast, was once home to saints and hermits. It is now a sanctuary for seabirds and the wardens who work with them.

Peter is a maverick, a self-styled, modern-day hermit who is nominally managed by career-minded Ellen. Their stalemate is upset by the arrival of Nicola, a smart, urban woman who seems very out of place on the islands.

Islanders is their story.


Writer: Dick Curran

Director: Clare Howdon


Mark Frampton – Peter

Katy Slater – Nicola

Claire Dean – Ellen

Producer: Katie Liana Riley

Stage Manager: Joe Colgan

Assistant Stage Manager: Sally Mason

2011 tour dates here.

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