When Ross, the rising star at work is dumped by his wife, Mike convinces Dawn that it’s a good idea to invite him round for a drink and some company.

MIKE                   ROSS                           DAWN


It isn’t. It really isn’t.

A second chance to see COMPANY, in a brand new version with Arts Council funding, following its sell-out run as a Cloud Nine Production at the Low Lights last year.

A fast moving, dark comedy  described as “totally convincing” in The British Theatre Guide, ‘ Company’ is fast and furious, surprising and shocking – and it all takes place in an hour in a suburban living room.

Dates booked for Live Theatre Studio, Newcastle;  Customs House Studio,  South Shields; Washington Arts Centre; The Maltings, Berick; Infinity, Sunderland; Ballarat Studios, North Shields and The Berkeley Tavern, Whitley Bay


Dawn – Jill Dellow

Mike – Neil Armstrong

Ross – Dylan Mortimer

British Theatre Guide Review


2 Responses to “Company”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Saw this last night. Thought it was very good. But none of the audience left at the end because only 45 minutes had gone by, which is fair enough if that’s what you’re expecting, but the cast seemed to have a pressing engagement after the show. The lights went down, they came forward a did a very, very short bob towards the audience and left. We were bemused. There were about 30 people there which must be disappointing, but we were the good guys, we’d had dinner early and turned up. The audience turned to one another, unsure what had just happened. A bit rude on the part of the cast I thought.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Really glad you enjoyed the show, we thought it went well and were really happy with the audience response so sorry if it all ended a bit abruptly for you. We are a (very) small group and all help out striking the set and loading the van so perhaps we forgot about the audience in making sure that was done after the show. Will bear it in mind and pass on your thoughts. Really appreciate you coming along though and thanks for your comments. All the best, Dick Curran

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